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The MJ Morning Show Podcast

The MJ Morning Show is back! In October 2019, MJ, Fester and Froggy produced a reunion podcast for fun. The response was overwhelmingly positive and listeners demanded more! Beginning with episode #7 on January 21, 2020, we will now deliver a new, fresh episode every Tuesday! Listen on demand. Enjoy our return and spread the word The MJ Morning Show is back on all major podcast platforms. Contact us to advertise your business to a large, active and loyal audience.

Call or text the new MJ Morning Show hotline at 813-467-6290 with any comments, suggestions or questions. We would love to hear from you!

Forget the Tiger King, We’re the Coronavirus Content King!

Episode 17, Released 3/31/20

You’ve always known the MJ Morning Show to strike a balance between funny entertainment and serious events and in this episode, we continue to deliver. From the Tiger King, to coronavirus craziness and even PDQ chicken tenders, this episode has it all!

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Past Episodes

The MJ Morning Show Social Distances

Episode 16, Released 3/24/20

We never thought we’d deal with an event larger than 9/11, but here we are. MJ, Froggy, Fester and Michelle try to make sense of it all with a huge coronavirus combo platter.

MJ’s Coronavirus Emergency

Episode 15, Released 3/17/20

The studio MJ uses in New York was evacuated because people tested positive for coronavirus. Our world has suddenly changed and MJ, Froggy, Fester and Michelle discuss many aspects of a new reality in this must hear episode.

What? Froggy Is The Coronavirus Mask Mogul!!!

Episode 14, Released 3/10/20

You won’t believe how many coronavirus N95 masks Froggy has, the Covid-19 freakout continues, Fester craps his pants with a Florida State Trooper encounter, MJ’s liquor store rip-off, Froggy’s bathroom blowout blunder, a classic Crotchety Old Man call and much more!

Hurricane Dishes The Dirt & The Hooker Nanny

Episode 13, Released 3/3/20

Hurricane reunites with MJ, Fester and Froggy and reveals dirt about his time with Bubba after The MJ Morning Show. Also, you’ll never guess what Hurricane is doing now, the nanny is a hooker, Froggy’s hair dryer fiasco, listener mail, and more!

Fester’s Still a Disaster & The Cream Cheese Cringe!

Episode 12, Released 2/25/20

The MJ family Presidents’ weekend adventure, the disgusting cream cheese incident with Michelle in studio, Fester is still a total wreck, the unibrow model, grown up Chloe and the half birthday, plus great listener email and text messages!

Who’s Calling The New MJ Hotline?

Episode 11, Released 2/18/20

The new MJ Morning Show hotline is off to a great start, Froggy’s got an even crazier airplane story than the maniacal seat puncher, a Crotchety Old Man call request and a lot more in this packed episode!

The Great American Idol Scam

Episode 10, Released 2/11/20

The new MJ Morning Show billboards are up in the Tampa area, the MJ phone line is up and running, Corona virus porn, the American Idol swindle, listener email and more!

Only Dummies Bet Against The Super Bowl Egg Test, Meredith Returns and More!

Episode 9, Released 2/4/20

The Super Bowl egg test is never wrong, halftime show drool, Froggy and Fester run into Mike Calta, Meredith is alive, a Froggy Phone Freak with Dementia Don and a lot more!

Froggy’s Virus Freakout, Fester and Kobe, & We Got a Guy Fired!

Episode 8, Released 1/28/20

Froggy’s scared of the Corona virus, the awful Kobe Bryant news, MJ’s slot machine dream, Froggy’s 5-year-old shames a guy with man boobs, the time we exacted revenge and got a guy fired, a classic crotchety call and much more!

EmineMJ, Froggy Found A Gun & Fester The Fake Target Worker

Episode 7, Released 1/21/20

Sarasota smash update, the awful EmineMJ, Fester is a fake Target employee, the money couch, really creepy new tech, how much money the MJ Morning Show made, and so much more!

New Year, More MJ Morning Show

Episode 6, Released 1/7/20

The Sarasota smash, Froggy wrecks an Outback Steakhouse, a crazy airplane cat story, MJ’s Discover card grudge, the secret revelation of the Heisman Trophy heist, and more!

Our Christmas Gift To You!

Episode 5, Released 12/17/19

Fester reveals his current weight, a smelly Uber issue, Joey B’s crazy life returns, the filthy AT&T call, a classic Christmas Crotchety Old Man call, and much more!

It’s The Most Disgusting Time of the Year!

Episode 4, Released 12/3/19

You will never look at this office activity the same way again! A nasty road rage incident, Froggy might be arrested, and much more!

Some Things Never Change

Episode 3, Released 11/19/19

In episode 3 of the all new MJ Morning Show Podcast, nothing ever changes. Michelle is mad at MJ, divorce disclosure, best billboards ever, Fester The Soda Fountain Felon, and a ton more!

The Triumphant Return of the MJ Morning Show Continues!

Episode 2, Released 11/5/19

In episode 2 of the all new MJ Morning Show Podcast, we’ll reveal the time Fester almost expired live on the air, bad Dave the Dwarf news, Crotchety Old Man secrets and a whole lot more!

MJ, Fester, & Froggy Are BACK!

Episode 1, Released 10/22/19

The MJ Morning Show is back! After seven years and countless fans asking for a return, we’ll test the waters with a new podcast series.

In episode one, what have Froggy and Fester been doing, the behind-the-scenes, never before told story of the infamous “turkey fryer fire” and MUCH MORE!